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American Canadian International Champion
Bricarlo Daynakin Shut Up N Kiss Me


Josie wins Award of Merit at Western Great Dane Club of BC #1 July 2012 under Judge Donna Conad

Josie's Stats

Sire: BISS Am. Can. Intl. Ch. Infiniti's Alleanza V Daynakin
Dam:    BISS Am. Can. Intl. Ch. Daynakin Danelind New Years Noisemaker AOM
Date of birth: June 30, 2005
Breeders: Kim Broenneke, Georgia Hymmen & Edie Lind
Owners: Georgia Hymmen, Kim Broenneke & Vickie Soper
AKC #WS13693201
Health Testing:
Canine Health Information Center #42300
Link to Pedigree

Titled and Pointed Offspring
Am. Can. Ch. Daynakin's Quiet Spirit At Bricarlo AOM
Am. Can. Ch. Daynakin's Quarternote At Bricarlo
Ch. Daynakin Bricarlo Quite The Kisser
Can. Ch. Can. CH. Daynakin Bricarlo Q P Doll at Kiltic

(Above sired by Ch. Sunstrike Valentino V Wintercreek)

Titled Full Siblings
Am Can. Ch. Bricarlo Daynkin Can't Stop Kissin'
Can. Ch. Bricarlo Daynakin Stealing Kisses
Am. Can. Ch. Bricarlo Daynakin This Kiss

My good friend Kim Broenneke (Bricarlo Great Danes) and I, along with Edie Lind (Danelind Great Danes) co-bred the litter Josie came out of. Josie spent her young puppyhood at Kim's and came to reside at the Daynakin household when old enough.  Josie continues to visit the Bricarlo crew on a regular basis.

She is a big, substantial bitch both in terms of height and bone.  As a youngster, she was dubbed "the
Linebacker" because of the nice depth and breadth of chest.  She loves all people and is happiest when playing catch with her favorite toy--she can leap amazingly high to grab it from the air. She works very hard to keep the youngsters in control, and also mentors them in the fine art of hole-digging and tree-chewing. Josie has enjoyed very good health, and has passed all her health tests as recommended by the Great Dane Club of America.

Josie has always been quite the show dog--"will work for food" is her
motto.  When a baby, she went with us to the GDCA National in Arizona and had a great time. (Unfortunately, part of that great time included making a meal out of a pair of Vickie Soper's glasses!)  She finished her Championship very easily.  I didn't really start showing her until she was a bit older as I had other bitches to show at that time and she got put "on the back burner".  She completed her American Championship just three days shy of her second birthday at the competitive summer Montana circuit.

As with all my dogs, she is pure colorbred (she only has fawns and brindles in her pedigree) as recommended by tbe GDCA .She has an excellent pedigree, with the vast majority of dogs behind her being AKC Champions.  Josie reflects over 8 generations of my breeding, starting back in the late 1970's.

Josie is pictured here on Dec. 1, 2009

Josie goes Best Veteran at the GDCWW Specialty (#1) Sept. 23, 2011

On June 18, 2013 Josie lost her battle with bone cancer. With the assistance of two lovely and compassionate house-call vets, we gently helped her cross over to the rainbow bridge.  We miss her.

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